Golden Whistle Competition

The  'Golden Shoe' competition for the best goal scorers of all European football leagues is very well known. 

But why is there no similar competition for referees?


We are proud to announce that we will be running the 

'Golden Whistle' competition- not only for European referees- but for all referees worldwide in the professional leagues.


Of course we will not count goals- we will count the number of games every referee is leading in the national professional leagues.


As in the 'Golden Shoe' competition, matches in a country with a stronger league will count higher than matches in a minor league, so in most countries a match will count 1 point but for example in leagues like Spain, England, Germany, etc. a game will count 2 points.


We will do the competition for the first time for all 2020/21 leagues and will update a ranking every time a country finishes their national league.

The first ranking will be published within the next few days as Canada and Vietnam have already finished their 2020  leagues.


Stay updated and follow the 'Golden Whistle' competition! 

Who will referee most professional matches worldwide and get the 'Golden Whistle' trophy 2020/21?.


  Referee League Factor Matches Points
1 Juan Marquez Canada 1 6 6
2 Myriam Marcotte Canada 1 6 6
3 David Barrie Canada 1 5 5
4 Pierre-Luc Lauziere Canada 1 5 5
5 Mathieu Souare Canada 1 4 4
6 Filip Dujic Canada 1 4 4
7 Yusri Rudolf Canada 1 3 3
8 Carly Shaw-MacLaren Canada 1 3 3
9 Alain Ruch Canada 1 1 1